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Thailand Coronavirus (COVID-19) JAN 2021

Real Estate Specialists Thailand (Blog Jan 2021)

Pattaya and the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

20210126 135617


Covid-19 personal Blog written by Barry Hayles, Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co Ltd along with Rest Station bar and restaurant Pattaya the latest venture we are undertaking, over 20 years’ experience living in this wonder full country Thailand with pleasure of living in Phuket Koh Samui, Bangkok and now settled in Pattaya for the last 16 years,

Let’s stand tall together Not only Thailand and Pattaya we are in urgent need for all countries worldwide to work with each other to beat Covid-19, Thailand is a model that should be followed by the rest of the word two of the safest countries in my opinion are New Zealand and Thailand in my opinion.

This blog is total based on my personal opinions and not those posted in media or news outlets.

 20210126 132544

Pattaya beach Photograph taken Tuesday Jan 26th 2021 3Pm


The first thing to say is a very big Thankyou to the Thai government and Thailand local authorities for the actions in stopping the spread of The Covid-19 virus outbreak,

We were totally covid-19 free for over 200 days until some selfish people decided to sneak over the border from neighboring countries, again the Thai authorities acted swiftly to curb the spread with immediate action, some provinces going on lockdown, Fines handed down to people who refused to wear masks or accept social distancing, opening tracing applications for your smart phone,

Some people are against these Apps me I use all the time I like to know that if I am entering a shop, supermarket shopping mall basically anywhere the general public will be likely to go, I can use the QR scan on my phone which will immediately tell me if I am in a safe Zone medium zone, danger zone or high-risk zone, also a notification direct to me if any of the locations I have visited has any future infected cases of Covid-19,

Stay Safe where your face mask clean and disinfect hands


As we all know the Covid-19 epidemic has affected the entire planet Thailand and Pattaya are no exception to this, not just the Pattaya Thailand real estate market but all business are suffering from the high rollers to the many Thai street food sellers that Thailand is known for who live day to day with little or no savings,

But out of any negatives there are also some positives, as Real estate Specialists Thailand office is located in Pattaya and I live in Pattaya I will only comment on Pattaya and surrounding districts in this blog as it is all on personal experience.

I have driven around Pattaya over the last few days, absolutely amazing how quite the roads are, Traffic congestion had become a major problem in Pattaya and Jomtien, with the roads blocked at all times with traffic and in particular the hundreds of Tour coaches packed with Chinese tourists that would block the traffic up,

Yesterday I drove along Pattaya second Road Pattaya third road and even Pattaya beach road and the famous Pattaya walking street the only time my drive was disrupted was with the normal Traffic lights apart from that a completely free and easy drive and I have to say very pleasant drive, Driving along Pattaya beach road was a sight for sore eyes, on the beach side very quit with Pattaya beach being tranquil and as clean as I think I have ever seen it same for the ocean clean and inviting for a swim to cool off.

The negative side of the drive was the number of shops and businesses that are boarded up with for sale or for rent signs on the doors even Pattaya beach road in all my years living in Pattaya Thailand I don’t recall seeing for sale or rent sign on the properties on the beach road such high demand, owners did not have to advertise to sell the properties or rent the properties, Pattaya walking street once the hub of the Pattaya entertainment world with a mixture of modern music clubs and smaller beer bars, Pattaya live entertainment some of the best, even the street entertainers, One of the businesses that over the years are known to survive everything that comes up once the store open very rarely will it close its doors yes 7-11 Pattaya convenience stores 24 hours a day seven days a week ever popular and employing Thousands of staff,

All the seven elevens were closed as I drove down walking street lets pray and hope for their reopping and reemploying the Thousands of Thai staff who are currently unemployed in Pattaya,

20210126 135435

Pattaya Beach road Tuesday Jan 26th 2021 3Pm

What Covid-19 has done is also to put many Thai people homeless I noticed many more than usual who have set up the temporary beds in different locations so so sad to see this any place in the world but when it is your adopted home town it hits home a lot harder.

Let’s hope the restrictions on the Pattaya night life, Pattaya entertainment industry as well as all Pattaya businesses will come to a end soon to give some well needed relief to the Thai citizens and Pattaya business owners, I hope they can bounce back and recovery from the Covid -19 outbreak.

Jomtien beach just a short drive from Pattaya is in the same predicament with Covid-19 even though Jomtien is more family friendly with not as much of the vibrant Nightlife, don’t get me wrong there is still plenty of bars some fine 5 star restaurant’s and ample Thai street food, Shops and Jomtien night markets located in Jomtien, The Jomtien coast line stretches for 6 kilometers more if you include the ever popular Dongtan beach which is probably one of the cleanest beaches in Pattaya and surrounding districts, As of today 25th January 2021 all bars closed to customers restaurants can still open strictly no alcohol to be sold in the restaurant’s, Restaurants breaking the rules are risking heavy fines of up to 100,000 Thb also jail sentence is a possibility as well as the fine and the customers also receiving heavy fines

alcohol may be purchased at the local shop for take away only to drink at home, all the beaches in Pattaya and Jomtien well all the local beaches in the many Pattaya subdistricts all have a total ban on drinking alcohol on the beaches with strict social distancing in place.

I am sure if we follow the guide lines the Thai authorities set out for us to follow in the fight against Covid-19 then we will be back sooner rather than latter, unlike I am sorry to say when you look at the western world where the general public are acutely refusing to where mask or social distance putting the rest of the population at risk,

When I look on the news from my home country of England and is see the reaction the general public it makes me so pleased that I decided to move to Thailand over 20 year ago, and also it makes me sad that England is in such a terrible situation everyone blaming each other and nobody being there to stand up.

If Europe were to look at Thailand as a role model, they too could beat the Covid-19 outbreak sadly they won’t as they are too stubborn. To all in Europe during Covid-19 where a mask and social distance it does work in the battle against Covid-19.

My company Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd

Real Estate Specialists Thailand

is no different being a long-established Real Estate company we have seen many ups and down over the years, but in experience Pattaya and Thailand are very resilient Pattaya in particular tends to bounce back quicker than most as we have a great mix of expats, Tourists and the many workers in the numerous industrial estates within easy reach of Pattaya city, and obviously the Pattaya night life and entertainment sector attracts so many people none just none Thais but Thai nationals travel from all over Thailand to Pattaya, people living in Bangkok are tend to be travelling to Pattaya for weekends as the traveling time from Bangkok to Pattaya has come down a lot over the years with al the new infrastructure and motorways.

Many of the Pattaya doubters and negative minded people are saying that the Thailand Real Estate Market and the Pattaya Real Estate markets are dead and flat and will take many years to bounce back to the glory day of years gone by,

I personally do not listen to all this trash talk, Real estate specialists Thailand are not doing as much business as previous years and I think if anyone says different they are trying to paint over the truth, we have to acknowledge and respect the fact that with the Covid-19 virus in Thailand and Pattaya we are living in strange and unfamiliar times which will take time to get to a normal life but if we stay strong have good work ethics putting that little bit more effort in we will all survive until the good times come along again which I am sure they will and again Pattaya will be a City on the ocean that will attract many tourists and expats.

Some good news being reported in The Thai Media on this day (27th Jan 2021) this morning is the reopening of schools on the 1st of February and the easing of restrictions in many Thai provinces including Chonburi and Pattaya, rumor also has it that the Covid-19 vaccination program could possibly start mid-February, this would-be great news for Pattaya city as the Thai tourism sector will start to grow with confidence in travel between provinces this will only be good for Pattaya city.

We have to be realistic this is not the end of Covid-19 in Pattaya or Thailand but is a step in the right direction and a road to normality even though I do not personally believe the old normality in Pattaya Thailand or any where else in the world will ever return, we will have a new normal though and we have to embrace it with open arms,

20210126 140503

Pattaya Second road Tuesday Jan 26th 2021 3Pm

Real Estate Specialists Thailand have recently relocated to larger premises located on Soi Cheyapruek 2, we decided to relocate because of a number of reasons our old office located in Jomtien complex had become to small as we have out grown the premises, we did consider keeping the Jomtien complex office as a satellite office but with this office being amidst Hotels, guest houses restaurants bars and all being closed for the foreseeable future, we decided to go with the larger office and also open a chill out bar which will also have good food on offer once the bars reopen Rest station bar will open once the government allow the sale of alcohol in Pattaya bars and restaurants.

I believe in the saying: Standing still is as good as going backwards

Pattaya Shopping Mall so sad looks like the mall is not open.

Good luck to all stay safe and let’s start looking to a new brighter Pattaya City.

For any questions or queries regarding Pattaya Jomtien properties condominiums for sale, Condominiums for rent, Houses for sale , Houses for rent basically anything real estate related or nay information required if we do not know the answer we will know someone who does know, feel free to contact me any time.

Barry Hayles Thai mobile +66(0)899333583   Domestic 0899333583

[email protected]

Line Id 01barry30

whatsApp by telephone number,

Telegram by telephone number.

20210126 135216

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Thailand Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Thailand Covid-19 Information

This article is written By Barry J Hayles of Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd with over 20 years’ experience living and working in Thailand Phuket, Koh Samui, Bangkok and Pattaya in the Thailand property and real estate market,

The article is for general information only as we know all details are very sketchy at the present time regarding Copvid-19 with even the official government reports from around the world are changing daily, please for up to date information on covid-19 please contact your embassies who will guide you in the right direction,

photo 1584483766114 2cea6facdf57

Covid-19 in Thailand infection rates as of today 19th March 2019 the Coronavirus has infected 212 people in the kingdom of Thailand with sadly one death, happily forty two cases cured, with a population of approximate seventy million people we have to give credit to the Thai government and the Thai medical people for containing this virus.

Update and a few tips of Covid-19 in the kingdom of Thailand, a brief overview of what you should do and not do.

COVID-19 in Thailand continues to pose a threat to the health of many Thais and foreign nationals with the total number of cases of 212,  The government is looking to enact new measures to prevent the spread of the disease Thai government is expected to classify it as a full-blown pandemic in the near future one of the leading sources and reputable news outlets in my opinion is the check there daily updated website for the most up to date information on the Coronavirus

Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about COVID-19 in Thailand.

As was expected many of the social gatherings and celebrations are being canceled or postponed, In a brave attempt to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) the official holiday period for Songkran which is set for the 13th to 15th are no longer official holidays, replacement dates will hopefully be announced in the future being one of the biggest mass celebration’s throughout Thailand, with our beloved City of Pattaya making the most of Songkran than any other usually starting on the 12th April and running through to the fun, partying and maddens of the final day of the 19th April, Sadly this will not be happening this year,

It is highly likely that a ban on any public gatherings of fifty or more people will be put in place as expected and reports coming out of Bangkok. The situation in Thailand is active with the government probably enacting new measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading further in Thailand.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) How will this impact for those of us Thais and expats working in Thailand. Work and our life styles have to continue as best as possible and as safe as possible, a lot of businesses if possible are starting to implement the work from home strategy, some people very happy to work from home but with Thailand schools starting there longest holiday period of the year many home will not be a good working platform with youngsters not understanding and requiring Mum and Dads attention, businesses such as Bars, Nightclubs, indoor Gymnasiums, Movie theaters, Massage parlors being ordered to close for a minimum period of fourteen days from the 18th March,

The major shopping malls and supermarkets are staying open with screening on entrance for High fevers.

The public has been urged to use caution when outside their own residences and in public areas, avoiding large gatherings of people it at all possible keep hands and ginger nails clean at all times carrying a dispenser of alcohol based gel for cleaning is highly recommended, self-explanatory really if you touch some thing that is touched by the general public (escalator hand rail for example) do not touch your face, clean your hands as soon as possible.

Social distancing and looking after your health this is a new idea and concept to most of us, the idea is that if you do need to leave your place of residence then it is important practice keep your distance at least two meters from other people the closer you get the more chance of catching the virus hence then a chance of spreading the virus,

Bear in mind the best form of defense is to keep you distance, hand washing is a vital part of the fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19) Soap alone will not kill the virus but a good scrub and clean including under the finger nails followed by a alcohol based sanitizer.

Face masks I have heard many different arguments for this, I have heard that the normal surgical style paper masks do not offer much protection against viruses bacteria and germs yes viruses no, I am a Pattaya real estate agent working in Pattaya with my family I have with vested interest obviously in health and safety, point is I am not a qualified medical professional so if you need to go out and you wish to use a face mask do your research before taking the chance.

photo 1584106478207 8b0411ee2c02

What are the symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ? according to the World Health Organization (WHO) they found that eighty percent of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients suffer only mild illness and eventually make a full recovery, approximately fourteen percent will experience sever illness whiles approximately five percent will become critical,

Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) High fever, Shortness of breath and a cough, we all have to be remaindered we do not need all these symptoms to be sure you have the coronavirus infection, Remember Corona virus (Covid-19) shares very similar with symptoms as the common flu,

If you begin to show signs of being infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) What should we do, feeling mildly ill should stay home and self-quarantine isolate your self from other people, the medical profession advise that you seek medical attention if you are showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), if you are visiting a doctor or hospital pre want the of your arrival and you thinking you may have a Coronavirus (COVID-19) whilst traveling to the medical facility avoid contact with other people where a recommended face mask, try to avoid touching anything the general public may touch.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Thailand how and where? Reportedly the first Coronavirus (COVID-19) case in Thailand was announced on January 13 2020, a Chinese national traveling from Wuhan China to Thailand was flagged by the use of thermal imaging, this was the first detected case of Corona virus(COVID-19) outside of China according to reports, so from fist case in January 2020 to 212 cases in March 2020,

In my opinion what is needed now is calm honest self-assessing ourselves, we do not or should not stretch the Thai medical services any more than we need to, but we also do not want to assist with the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Traveling around the Thai kingdom and international travel is for sure to get harder before it gets better, it is no use reporting on any travel restriction in this article as they are changing daily, best thing to do if you are traveling if it is domestic travel with in Thailand check with the local authorities, if you have to travel international then check with you airline carrier or your embassies.

With a population of approximately seventy million people, with a figure of 212 reported cases, if we all play a part this should be a beatable virus, China seem to be getting a grip of the situation so can Thailand.

photo 1583324113626 70df0f4deaab

Listen to what the Thai government are saying we all need to follow the same rules.

Keep a safe distance between each other two meters approximately,

Wash and clean hands scrub with soap and water then use a alcohol based sanitizer raguly ,

Try not to touch things that the general public touch if you do clean as soon as possible,

Avoid crowds and public meetings,

If you are feeling unwell seek medical advice, and inform the doctor or hospital prior to your arrival,

Hopefully informative read please do remember for up to date news and information check with the relevant government agencies

Real Estate Specialists Thailand are based in the Jomtien complex located between the Agate hotel and the Thai Blind Massage Institute,

If you require any information or assistance please feel free to contact us any time, if you are looking for information on renting a property in Pattaya or Jomtien or buying a property in Pattaya or Jomtien with over 20 years’ experience in Thailand after relocating from England and wit a data bas of over three thousand Pattaya properties you will get a strong honest and professional approach to any of your property questions,

If you require information regarding the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) here in the Pattaya area we are in ground zero so to speak for the Pattaya area and will be able to find the answer to any questions you may have.

Keep safe and Happy

As they say cleanliness is next to godliness,

Barry J Hayles

Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd

0899333583 Thai mobile domestic

+66(0)899333583 Thai mobile international

Line ID 01barry30 Skype

WhatsApp & telegram by number.

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Thailand Pattaya Real estate agent with a difference Real Estate Specialists Thailand

Thailand Pattaya Real estate agent with a difference Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. ltd

 WhatsApp Image 2020 01 31 at 4.39.46 PM Copy

Real Estate Specialist Thailand Co,. Ltd (R.E.S.T. Property) are a family run agency with over twenty years’ experience in Thailand’s real estate market Sales of condominiums in Pattaya Jomtien and the surrounding Pattaya suburbs we also specialize In condominium rentals In Pattaya Jomtien and again in some of the surrounding Pattaya suburbs, Length of rental contracts depends on the customers one month to one year or more, in some cases we will assist with short term Pattaya weekly holiday rentals.

All the above is also the same for Pattaya Jomtien and Pattaya Suburbs house and pool villa rentals, the short term villa rentals are very popular in Pattaya and Jomtien with Houses and pool villas being located close to Pattaya beach and Jomtien beach making prime real estate as anywhere in the world close to the beach location ups the price for sales or rental properties Thailand is no different.

Real Estate Specialists Thailand work on the philosophy that if we do not have a suitable property available for the dates requested we do not say( Sorry but nothing available) what we do is use our resources with may of the other outlets that we have a personal or business relationship with to find that suitable property.

The process is easy to book a house rental or Condominium rental with Real Estate Specialists Thailand, one of the options is to contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand ( R.E.S.T. Property ) this is easily done via contact button on our website let us know what you are looking for, for example let us know your preferred Pattaya locations, Jomtien location Wongamat beach location ETC your preference to a condominium house or pool villa, how many bedrooms required Studio condominium , 1 bedroom condominium, 2 bedroom condominium three or more bedrooms condominiums or houses , approximate budget set aside for the property rental, Dates for check-in dates for check out,

Once we have the information above then we will send links direct to your email address or preferred social media accounts with a comprehensive list of Pattaya properties available that fit with your chosen requirements.

Once customer informs us on their chosen property, we will mark the property as unavailable for 48 hours to give the customer chance to send the deposit to hold the property for the dates requested.

As soon as the deposit is received, we will send the reservation confirming the booking has been made,

Other option is just as simple go to the Real Estate Specialists website Click on search properties then click on rent or sale, House or condo, Price, bedrooms, any extra key words, Click search and a full list of our properties available will come up, send the reference Id booking dates via contact us button Real Estate Specialists Thailand will confirm the booking with-in 24 hours.

Real Estate Specialists Thailand will also if required arrange Taxi transfers from Bangkok international airports Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang or the nearest airport Pattaya Utapo Rayong international airport with reliable drivers and competitive prices, we are not restricted to the airports we may arrange transfers anywhere in Thailand.

5 airport7 Copy


The original domestic airport U-Tapo which is the closest airport to Pattaya has now been updated to international status and renamed Pattaya U-Tappo Rayong international,  

Now this is where Real Estate Specialists Thailand offer that little bit more and make themselves different from the rest,

Ok so now you have arrived at your new rental Home no Matter if quaint Central Pattaya Studio condominium or Luxury pool villa on Jomtien beach near Central Pattaya, A member of the Real Estate Specialists Thailand agency will meet you at the Pattaya property to meet and greet you, go through all the workings of the properties appliances, alarm system, TV System, pool system, and another facilities of the rental property if any,

If the rental property has communal facilities swimming pools, gymnasiums, Saunas, Steam rooms the member of staff will walk you around and introduce all the amenities to you.

If you are new to the area we are happy to take you for a morning or afternoon tour of Pattaya pointing out some of the attractions, maybe you have some areas you would like to know more about or where the nearest super markets, Hospitals, Jomtien beach, Pattaya beach, Shopping malls, Maybe you would like to rent a car or motor bike / scooter we will introduce you to the reputable car rental companies or Bik hire companies, we do advice anyone who is renting a car to make sure you have a valid Thai driving licence or international licence obtained from your home country, with out this you will be driving uninsured which you really do not want to do unless you want a miserable and expensive time in the land of smiles. Thailand has the dubious reputation as being some of the most dangerous roads in the world,

with this in mind we do not advise renting motor bikes or scooters unless you are a experienced competent rider, Public transport system is cheap and reliable in my experience the cheapest anywhere, let’s say you are traveling form Pattaya beach to Jomtien beach the local taxi Known as Baht busses or also named Songthaew, Pattaya beach to Jomtien beach 10 THB per person

At 10 baht per person per ride (as of 19 feb 2020) for the majority of routes the only way to get around Pattaya cheaper is by walking. If you are not on the public transport rout the you have the option of Grab Taxi which is now very popular.

We offer all this help and advice free of charge and no obligations, you also get our personal mobile phone numbers when we meet so in emergencies we are available twenty four hours a day seven days a week this is one of the big differences between Real Estate Specialists Thailand and other agencies in Pattaya and Jomtien.

2020 02 19 1644

Property management another big difference

Real Estate Specialists Thailand are not only a Pattaya Real Estate broker for condominium sales and House sales with the rental division taking care of Pattaya condominium rentals and Pattaya house rentals Real Estate Specialists Thailand also offer a comprehensive Property management service,

What dos a property management company do you may be asking and what are the plus points to using a property management company,

The first plus point is that by using a trusted property management company takes all the unnecessary leg work out of the rental and maintenance of your Pattaya property house or condominium,

So then let’s walk through the process of signing up with a Pattaya property management company and what services will the company preform for you.

First thing to do is read and understand the Property managements company contracts and understanding, these contracts are normally for the period of one year but each contract is different and length of agreement is to be set between the owner and property management company.

First thing any reputable Property management company will do is give 100% effort to get as high occupancy rate as possible, how do they do this well it is there duty to advertise as much as possible as they should be acting like it is their own Pattaya property. The worst thing for a property investor is to have there Pattaya condominium or Pattaya house left empty.

In the event that the Pattaya property does not have a tenant then the property management company will make sure that the property is clean at all times and ready for a inspection visit as soon as requested, whilst the property is vacant the property management company must ensure that all utility bills are paid each month,

Once a tenant has been found then the property management company must arrange for the rental agreement be signed by the new tenant and full deposit collected before moving in to the condominium or house, on the day the new renter moves in the property management company will do a full inventory check list backed up with Photographs so there is no misunderstanding once the renter move out,

Once the new renter is in the unit it is up to the property Management company to collect the monthly rent and deposit into the property owners personal bank account, At the end of each monthly cycle property owner should receive a statement rent collected minus any deductions that there may be IE commissions payable, any repairs that may have been completed during the month.

During the term of the Rental agreement property management company must ensure monthly rental is collected, attend to any repairs and general maintenance, any defects or faults reported by the renter should be repaired with in 24 hours of the renter informing the Property management company of the problem,

It is the responsibility of the property Management company to advise the property owner as to the legal requirements, all countries have different rules and regulations which if the property investor is not from the country, he may not know all the rules and regulations.

Bookkeeping a reputable property management company will keep there bookkeeping up to date with all bills and receipts kept in a file for each individual property.

One of the things that is not generally in the rental agreement is customer service, our staff at Real Estate Specialists Thailand like to befriend all our customers and make there stay as pleasant as possible no matter if they are renting for one month or one year , we hope if somebody has been here for maybe a holiday that on the re next vacation they will book with us which we are happy to the majority do if they are coming back to the same area, or the long term renter been there one year, if tenant has decided to move to another location which a lot of people do (a benefit for renting and not buying LOL) then he or she will use the services of Real Estate Specialists Thailand to locate there next property we have a good percentage that will renew there yearly contract and stay in the same property. This service is productive to the property owner and the property renter,

One of the condominiums we are proud to manage is a two bedroom condominium in the new One Tower project located on Pratamnak hill Pattaya, this condominium is located on the 17th floor with amazing ocean views and view over to the island of Koh Larn to the front of the condominium, from the side elevation scenic views over the golf course and beyond.

Two minutes’ walk to a pristine beach and the famous cabbage and condom restaurant, Five minutes to central Pattaya, Pattaya beach and Five minutes to Jomtien beach

Beautiful condominium this unit may be rented by the month or by the year,

20180917 16164120180917 161709

Written By Barry J Hayles 20 February 2020

At the time of writing all details and information are to the best of my Knowledge correct, please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like any updates or you have any questions regarding Pattaya property Condominiums sales, Condominium rentals or House sales and house rentals

Thai Mobile +66(0) 899 333 583    WhatsApp and telegram

Email [email protected]                      Line Id 01barry30                        Skype

Featured Image 16 740x4942019 01 18 0943

pic1 u pattaya

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Real estate specialists Thailand Bargain real estate buys

Real Estate Specialists Thailand Bargain Real Estate Buys in Pattaya and Pattaya Suburbs

Real Estate Specialists Thailand are constantly updated our international website with not only the quality high end luxury condominiums for sale and condominiums for rent, we understand that there is a market for the budget condominiums for sale and budget condominiums for rent,

No matter who visits our office in the Jomtien complex 5 minutes’ walk to Jomtien beach ( a little plug for the Thai Blind Massage Institute which is next door to the Real Estate Specialists Thailand office which offer one of the finest massages also helps the less fortunate ) Easy to Find Real estate Specialists Thailand and the Thai Blind Massage Institute,

Coming from Jomtien beach heading out in the direction of Pattaya, left at the first set of traffic lights then first road on the righthand side only 20 meters after the traffic lights look out for our respected neighbor’s the Zing Hotel, East suites and the popular Agate hotel. After your massage pop into our office say hi.

Anybody who views Real estate specialists Thailand web site will notice that the front page is constantly changing with fresh real estate listings and existing listings being Sales and rentals updated,

In the present climate there are some bargains to be had so I thought I would write this blog to take a look at some of the special offers that are on the Pattaya real estate market,

One of the reasons behind a lot of the real estate special offers is that with the currency exchange rates, with the Thai Baht being so strong property owners may reduce the selling price of the property send the money back to their home countries and still be in profit,

With the Property specials that are on offer you may be thinking is Pattaya on the way down and seen the better days, well a lot of the doom and gloom merchants would have you believe this is correct and that the Pattaya real estate market is flat and only getting worse,

I believe the opposite is true Pattaya is reinventing itself and is in a transition period Pattaya is no longer the Sin city it had the reputation as being, now there is something for everybody no matter if it is the single man looking to party his vacation time away and go home without any suntan LOL, or the families that are now flocking to this fabulous city for the resort vacation with international branded hotels and international attractions such as the water parks shopping malls and international standard Golf courses ETC ,

This brings us to the other reason there are some amazing real estate specials on the Pattaya property market, the people who moved here many years ago for the free style Thailand living and easy going approach to living are now finding Pattaya is coming in line and the Thai sentiment of the good guys in and bad guys out does not suite there particular life style, so they will tend to sell here property on the cheap and move on to other countries with a more liberal approach.

Even though we are going to look at some property specials that are on offer do not let this fool you into thinking Pattaya real estate is not a healthy option there still many new developments being built high rise luxury condominium buildings with price tags well in excess of 100,000 thb per Sq meter.

Ok now let’s take a look at some of the Real Estate Specials on offer, please feel free to contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand for updates on any specials that are available [email protected] Thai Mobile +66(0)899333583

The first property special (HS1533) we have is a house for sale located in between Jomtien beach and the main Sukhamvit highway, if you are looking for a quiet life style then this Jomtien house for sale is perfect as the property is opposite the Buddhist meditation center, no noisy traffic or blaring horns just the natural sound of the countryside but only a couple of minutes’ drive you are on Jomtien beach, 10 minutes to central Pattaya and Pattaya beach

House specification: Three bedrooms, Three Bathrooms, Large open plan lounge area looking out into the gardens, Two fitted kitchens, Office area and ornate marble and stainless-steel spiral stair case, Garage with automatic Gates, full security system with intercom and CCTV cameras. Built and designed to very high standards with many of the materials imported from Italy.

Land area 416 sq meters Building area 264 sq meters

Valued sales price of this property is 7,900,000THB Now reduced by 2,000,000THB for a quick sale

Buy this luxury Jomtien house now for only 5,900,000THB

Reason for reduced price owner is looking to relocate,


Second property (CS1885) is a condominium locate in the sleepy fishing village of Bangsaray 30 minutes’ drive form Pattaya this offer is direct from the developer which is offering Condominiums at only 790,000thb per unit. The renaming units left for sale have been discounted to encourage a final push to sell,

Bargain buy condominiums located in the much sort after Bangsaray area 30 minutes to central Pattaya 

Ad condominium Bangsaray beach  Reduced the sales price Now only 790,000 THB Buy 2 units and a further discount is on offer 2 unit for 1,500,000 THB, special promotion 750,000 THB per unit, This is not pre sales or under construction prices this price is for a fully constructed Condominium building with all facilities and infrastructure complete with many owners already moved in to the condominium,

Bangsaray condominium project consists of Six low rise Buildings set on 15 Rai (24,000 sq meters) of land which has been land scaped  by the award winning Nong Nooch  tropical gardens,  with  a total of 127 Condominium units in all six buildings, Gymnasium, communal swimming pool CCTV security cameras and manned 24 hour security.

Bangsaray  is a sleepy traditional Thai  fishing  that has blossomed into a much sort after destination not only tourists but many Thai families and expat foreign communities with many attraction to be found including Bangsaray beach which goes down as one of the best beaches with clear unpolluted ocean, beautiful park and children's playground over looking Bangsaray beach, Golf Courses, international water parks and the Utapo Pattaya Rayong international airport only 30 minutes drive

Third property (HS1484) is a Pattaya House located on a secure Pattaya village only Close to Jomtien beach central Pattaya and Pattaya beach.

Pattaya Bargain priced house for sale is a corner lot with high walls surrounding the rear and side elevation with a luxury villa project beyond the walls so very good security, For Pattaya house sale price of ONLY 3,900,000 THB represents very good value for money on the Pattaya real estate market, with 250 sq meters of land off-road parking, The house is unfurnished. have a fully fitted European kitchen, all you need is your furniture and this Pattaya property is ready for occupancy, Pattaya home at a very good value for money, 

Real Estate Specialists Thailand offer another bargain Cheap Pattaya house for quick sale 2 bedroom  2 bathroom, located on secure Pattaya village Pattaya property has been reduced for quick sale, Pattaya village has 24 hours security plus key card access to the main entrance security gate Communal Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi and water feature , Children's playground wide roadways that are kept clean at all times.

For more information or to book house viewing in person Click here

 Mobile Barry +(0) 899 333 583 (English) Apple +(0)8 0640 4375 (Thai)

 Pattaya village is located in a quiet of Chyapruk 2 road East Pattaya area with none of the traffic congestion getting in and out of the village easy access on to the main highway Sukhamvit under 10 minutes to central Pattaya and 5 minutes into Jomtien and Jomtien beach Fitness park and indoor Sports arena only a couple of minutes away ideal location


S 6512644

Jomtien 3-bedroom house for sale with private pool and gardens ready to move in. Located in Jomtien close to the beach with easy access to all amenities, Pattaya is only a short taxi ride within a few minutes, Bangkok Pattaya and the Pattaya international hospitals are close at hand so are schools and universities these schools and hospitals compare with anything in the western world. The capital city Bangkok and the international airport are under 1 hour 30 minutes’ drive from Pattaya city, Pattaya domestic airport is only 15 minutes away Phuket and Koh Samui in under 2 hours for weekends away.

Restaurants, bars, cafes, supermarkets local Thai markets are all on hand to make your life style more pleasurable,

For the sports minded people, you have everything over 16 international golf courses within easy reach, adventure sports, super bike race track, karting, water sports are abundant windsurfing, kite boarding, diving, deep sea fishing,

Forth Property (HS1539) This house for sale is located in ever popular Bangsaray Beach with the price of Real Estate still at a reasonable price, which for a property investor this is a ideal time to buy investment property, with the domestic airport U-tapo now transformed into a international standard airport and renamed Pattaya U-tapo Rayong international airport under 30 minutes’ drive, access the new highway, and the future arrival of the High speed rail link from Bangkok, to Pattaya Bangsaray then on to Rayong only one place the real estate prices are going and that is up.

House for sale located only a short drive to Bangsaray beach and Bangsaray community park on Bangsaray beach easy access to golf course international water parks and the recently updated U-tapo airport now renamed U-tapo Rayong Pattaya international airport which is aiming for full international status 25 minutes drive, the main highway to Bangkok is now easily accessible,  with the news of the high speed rail link passing through Bangsaray making fast and efficient travelling   around the local areas, Buying  property in Bangsaray makes good financial sense and a good property investment 
Bangsaray house sale has  3 spacious bedrooms master bedroom opens out onto the pool deck area  3 Bathrooms large open plan lounge area with fitted European kitchen,  private gardens to the front and the rear of this property for sale,10 meter x 4 meter swimming  Private pool, off road car parking, 

House for sale is located on a secure Bangsaray village with 24 hour manned security entrance to the project with CCTV cameras.

For a completely free with no obligation inspection visit of this property Contact Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd free pick up and drop of anywhere in Pattaya or the Pattaya surrounding districts

+66(0)8 9933 3583 (WhatsApp) Line Id 01barry30    (ENG)    

 +66(0)6 5828 9414 (WhatsApp) Line id apple3355 (Thai)

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Thailand Investments

Thailand Investments A PERSONAL VIEW BY Barry J Hayles

Have you ever sat back looked at some of your friends or family who have made investments over the years and now baring the fruits of their investments and reaping there investment rewards, I for one have I remember about 10 years or more ago a very close friend (Paul) of mine told be about bit coins and crypto currencies, I thought he had gone mad having a wallet in the sky that you buy coins from somebody you don’t know or have ever seen a Crypto coin, showing me all the projected graphs and figures for expected investment returns, amazing projected returns on your initial investment (R.O.I).

After long discussions and lots of pondering with my friend regarding not only Bit Coins but the full spectrum of the Crypto currencies and comparing with my property investments I had made over the years I decided that I was not going to invest into the Crypto currencies, In my mind it all sounded too good to be true ( I remember my father many years ago saying to me, son if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is to good to be true).

So you are now probably expecting the I told you so Scenarios where Paul lost on his Crypto currencies and is now working 9 to 5 to make ends meet as the Crypto Currencies were too good to be true leaving me feeling proud and thankful, or I lost on all my property investments and now I am working 9 to 5 to make ends meet lol sitting pondering why had I not taken my friends advice or are we both working 9 to 5 cursing our bad luck with little financial funds in the Bank and discussing what might have been if we had travelled a different Paths.

on the up

Well happily it has all turned out well for us both Paul has done very well out of his Crypto currencies still investing in Bit Coin and also carefully monitoring many other Crypto currencies and investing wisely, as he openly admits he has had some ups and downs with the currencies being volatile to say the least, when we were discussing it last time he shown me all his graphs and charts of how his Crypto currencies have grown over the years, I was mortified at one particular point when his Cryptos dived and it seemed like he was going to lose a large financial stake but at this point he had the hindsight not to sell his Cryptos but he invested more and it was not long before that graph was on the incline again.

I too have now invested in to the Crypto currency market not to the scale of my Paul but more as a calculated gamble I have purchased with the mindset of if I lose this money I will not lose any sleep over it, my plan is to leave my investment not increase my investment or take my investment out for a minimum of five years, but also taking advice from Paul and If he says sell at any time I will, but under no circumstances will I increase my investment, if I get 50% of what is predicted I will get in five years I will be a very happy man so let’s see. If as some people predict that Crypto currencies will be the financial banking of the future at least I have a foothold and have given it a good chance, I read a quote once cannot remember by who !!! standing still is as good as going backwards in Business!!!

My main area for investment remains in property and land and I will carry on with this as my main investment portfolio, as Paul said Real Estate is more in my mind set and something I enjoy doing which is true as I started my working carrier in the construction side of real estate and commercial buildings in the UK before relocating to Thailand over 20 years ago.

In my years here in Thailand I have seen many highs and just as many lows in the Thailand Real Estate market whilst living and working in areas such as Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya and Jomtien.

Along with my partner we opened a Real Estate Company on Jomtien beach on the outskirts pf Pattaya City, Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd in short Rest-Property Website , this is one of the best investments I have made gives me the time to enjoy Thailand knowing that our investment properties are taken care of by the property management side of our company,

Over the years we have created a website Real Estate Specialists Thailand data base of literally thousands of properties for sale and rent what started out as a way to generate sales customers for any of our own properties for sale or rental Customers for our rental properties has now turned into a well-established and run company giving us even more insight into investment properties in Thailand and predominantly Pattaya and the Pattaya Subdistricts such as Jomtien, Na Jomtien, Baan Ampur, Bangsaray, Huay Yai and Mabprachan lake in recent time we have found that the areas such as Si Rach Rayong Sattahip Lam Chabang have become increasingly popular with investors in the Thailand Real Estate Market.

Beachfront land in Thailand has always a good investment, now the prices are shooting through the roof, This is why there are very few Beach front Housing developments land prices have increased so much over the years now it does not make financial sense to build houses or pool villas on beach front land once the land has been sub divided roadways laid and infrastructure in place the cost of the houses or pool villas would have such a high purchase price, once everything is added together making it un realistic to sell the houses or pool villas to make a profit.

For a example Bangsaray beach approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Pattaya City we have a property listed with ocean views and Bangsaray beach access, This house for sale is a two story 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Fitted but not unfurnished,

Living area 60 sq meters per floor so a total of 120 sq meters with the land size being 125 square meters, selling price for this house is 8,500,000 THB2015 06 27 1242 Copy

Land area 125 square meters, selling price 8,500,000 THB

Compared to a House that is not beach front 1485 Pattaya House located under 10 minutes to central Pattaya & under 10 minutes to Jomtien beach and Pattaya beach

Single story house 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms Fitted, unfurnished building area 120 sq meters Land area 256 sq meters on secure Pattaya Village sale Price 3,900,000THBS 6512644 Copy

                                                                             Land area 256 sq meters  sale Price 3,900,000THB

Obviously if you are Buying a Pattaya property solely for investment then the main focus has to be on what the R.O.I (Return on investment) and we have to put our personal preferences to one side, and look for the type of people who are looking to rent the house or rent the pool villa, we have a lot of renters who are ex Patriates working in Si Rach Lam Chabang and many of the industrial areas that are located close to Pattaya, now the first house we looked at lovely location but that will make commuting to the industrial zones long distances and time consuming,

whereas the second house is located within easy reach of all the industrial areas under 30 minutes’ drive, so more likely to get long term renters, the first house you would be more likely to get short term holiday rentals,

Short term holiday lets are another topic we will cover soon in another article as the Thai government are clamping down on short term holiday lets which is actually illegal for periods of less than one month in unregistered accommodation.

Ocean View condominiums are much sort after as everyone would like to wake up to the ocean views or sunsets from the balcony they also command a premium sales price, if you are willing to shop around or employ a reputable Pattaya property broker such as Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd (R.E.S.T Property) to do the ground work for you there are some bargain priced condominiums on the Real Estate Market in Pattaya.


Or a 1-bedroom city center condominium no sea view living in the hearty of Pattaya city does have benefits, only a few minutes’ walk to Pattaya beach and the famous Pattaya walking street easy access to the main Sukhamvit highway the new motorway to Bangkok, 2.5  City Garden 1 bed

The two properties above are the type that I have had very good returns on over the years.

Especially the City Garden Pattaya condominium as they are renowned for better than average occupancy rates being in the heart of Pattaya City walking distance to all the Pattaya attractions and Pattaya beach, City garden is what prompted me to write this article as a friend of mine is relocating back to his own country and has Three 1 bedroom condominiums and One Large Studio condominium in City Garden Pattaya and has put them on the market at a reduced selling price of 9,700,000THB for all the units together,

also willing to sell individually One-bedroom units 2,500,000THB each, Studio unit at 2,200,000THB absolute bargains On the Pattaya Real Estate Market.

1 bedroom sale price 2,500,000 THB Expected monthly rental between 16,000 THB per month rental rate to 20,000 THB per month rental rate, 16,000 THB per month will give a return on investment (R.O.I) OF 7.68% at 20,000 THB per month rental rate your return on investment (R.O.I) will be 9.6% obviously with any form of investments the returns may vary,

In a future article we will be covering an investment opportunity with a company that has built over 50 projects to date In the Pattaya region and have over the last couple of years spread there wings to other parts of Thailand including the tourist hot spots of Koh Sami and Phuket, two other destinations that are under construction not as well-known as Pattaya Samui or Phuket to the international tourists but absolute huge destinations for Thai tourists and now more international tourist are traveling to these two destinations,

Once we have completed our due diligence which is almost complete everything very transparent so watch this space for a full report,

Company established 10 years with steady growth,

Condominium and villa projects,

Investment options of 3 years up to 20 years

9% Return on investment (R.O.I) on completed projects

10% Return on investment (R.O.I) on projects under construction.

Guaranteed buy back option

Projects in 19 Countries and 37 Locations to date,

Full details to Follow very shortly.

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