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Blog posts tagged in Environment

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Investing and living in Pattaya

Investing and living in Pattaya


Thailand coastal resort city Pattaya is a thriving hub of Tourism and industry, there are some doom and gloom merchants who like to put Pattaya city down, why well nobody knows probably boredom or negative approach to life in general for me the future is bright for Pattaya not only in the Pattaya property business that I work in but the entire spectrum of lifestyle Pattaya city and suburbs have to offer Clean environment, fresh air, a real out door life style with all the sporting activities any one could ask for from Pattaya water sports, Pattaya international golf clubs even a Pattaya motor racing circuit.

Pattaya property industry has shown remarkable resilience and growth over the past two decades. The number of property sales in Pattaya condominiums sales Pattaya house sales Pattaya new projects and Pattaya existing properties has increased even during the dark period with the world-wide economic crisis. This goes to show that making a property investment in Pattaya was and still is a good opportunity to make a healthy profit on Property purchased in Pattaya or the surrounding areas of Pattaya, The surrounding areas of Pattaya such as Huay Yai, Baan Ampur, Bangsaray and Mabprachan lake area are benefiting now that the new motorway is open, one example is Huay Yai 20 minutes’ drive from Pattaya around 4 years ago land in this area was selling at 1,000,000 Thai baht per Rai (1600 sq meters) once it was announced that the highway was going through Huay Yai with entry and access ramps in the area the land price doubled overnight now the highway to Pattaya City and Bangkok is completed, you are lucky if you can purchase land in Huay Yai at 4,000,000 Thai Baht per Rai.

Pattaya city is strategically located just 90 minutes’ drive to Thailand international airport in Thailand’s capital City Bangkok, with Pattaya now having a international airport only 30 minutes from the city, Rayong international airport (Utapo) and with all the new expressway’s connecting all the Pattaya local areas and the Capital city of Bangkok this can only be a blessing for all the Pattaya residents not only the Thai residents but also for the Expats that come to live and work in the region the new Pattaya road way infrastructure is making traveling all the more easier and opening up new areas for Expats and even better for those who are looking to retire here in the land of smiles Thailand, this is giving everyone a much wider choice when deciding to purchase there retirement home in Pattaya, or maybe a Expat who prefers to Rent a Pattaya property rather than buy a Pattaya property,



The Pattaya property Real Estate market has always been buoyant and never stops amazing me when we go to the Pattaya Land office to transfer the legal papers for the sale and purchase of a Pattaya property to the new property owners how busy the land office is with so many property transactions being competed on a daily basis, this is why I always have a smile when I hear friends even some of the other Pattaya agents saying how quite the Pattaya property market is, a example how buoyant the condominium and apartments sale are a developer we work closely with came to see me to inform me of the launch date of his new project he then informed me that all the foreign ownership quota of the condominiums have already been sold , so on the date of launce if you want to buy into his project there is only Thai quota or company name quota available to purchase a condominium in his project.

So why is it that the Pattaya property and Pattaya real Estate market in general stays so buoyant, The land of smiles comes to mind as Pattaya seems to have its own micro climate with all year round sunshine even in the rainy season this would not spoil your vacation if you here for a two week holiday on one of the many Pattaya beaches, for this reason alone tempts the many Tourists to Pattaya not just foreign tourists but also a favorite destination for the Thai residents of Bangkok who many will buy a Pattaya condominium or buy a Pattaya beach House as a second home for the family on the Pattaya coast line and why Many Europeans decide to relocate to Pattaya and buy a Pattaya property Sunshine and clean air does make you happy and Healthy, (Land of smiles),

Pattaya city infrastructure is changing rapidly to act before the boom in the Pattaya real estate market that many including myself believe is coming to Pattaya city, The Pattaya tunnel at Pattaya Klang has eased the traffic congestion more than many expected, coming out of Pattaya through the tunnel next turning is the exit and entry ramp to the New Pattaya motorway to Bangkok city and the Bangkok international airport, the next big thing to hit Pattaya city is the new high speed rail link from Bangkok to Pattaya and on to Bangsaray and Rayong which I have heard varying reports some say will be completed in 2 years others say 5-8 years, what ever the time line it will be a huge thing for the Pattaya real estate Market,

We can only imagine how the property prices will go through the roof once the high-speed train is here as Pattaya city will be like a suburb yes like suburb of Bangkok as the traveling time from

Pattaya to Bangkok will be under 30 minutes we have heard making it realistic to live on The Pattaya coastline and be able to commute to work in Bangkok Sirach or Lam Chabang deep sea port,

Anywhere in the world the property and real estate prices in the Capital city and suburbs of the capital city are hugely inflated but always make for very good investment property purchase, we have already started to notice a shift in the Pattaya property condominium prices with the new projects that have started construction or due to start construction sales prices have dramatically increased with starting price of over 100,000 thb per sq meter becoming the run of the mill Condominium purchase price.

The Pattaya property market show very good potential as more Condominium developments from some of the major developers are completed and ready for renting for those who have bought condominium’s as investment properties, In Central Pattaya locations statistics show that rental rates are going up every year, so if you have bought a condominium for rental returns congratulations, if you are thinking of buying a condominium for future returns don’t miss this opportunity, as I think we have all done in the past I will not buy now I will wait by waiting we miss the boat.


Lets take a look at the life style you will get by relocating to Pattaya, once you have purchased your Pattaya home Pattaya condo or Pattaya house what creature comforts do you think you will miss by relocating to Pattaya,

Food are you going to miss the home cooking, I don’t think so as Pattaya is a food lovers delight with restaurants from all corners of the world with most offering a delivery service direct to your Pattaya house or Pattaya condo, so you like cooking at home all the fresh food produce are to be found on all the Thai markets and for the things that are imported to Thailand you have many international super markets stocked with imported goods from all over the world,


Health care it is advisable to have health insurance when relocating to Thailand as the health service is not free, but saying that it is as good as anything in the western world with some of the finest hospitals in Pattaya city Pattaya international, Bangkok Pattaya international, Pattaya memorial so no worries there, The health care in Pattaya is so good that Pattaya is a leader in the medical tourism trend for cosmetic surgery, dental clinics ETC.

Getting bored is that a worry miss your friends from home NOT A CHANCE Pattaya has a amazing social scene do not listen to the nonsense about Pattaya city being that of sleaze and drinking the days away those Pattaya days are for those who want it but not the only thing theses days so many social clubs available from Chess clubs to amateur acting societies, Fishing clubs to cricket clubs expat clubs ladies clubs, Golf for the golf lovers Pattaya is heaven there are over 20 international Golf course to choose from with numerous golf clubs and societies to join,

Travel after relocating to Pattaya Thailand are you still going to take vacations if yes you have made the correct decision to buy your property or rent your property here 30 minutes to Rayong International airport (Utapo) then you are only short flights to some amazing areas of Thailand Phuket, Koh Samui Chang Mai and some of the may cultural provinces that Thailand has to offer, international Travel easy only a few hours to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and many more countries to choose from,

So to recap is Pattaya a good city to move to Yes yes yes you have everything here and with the local government and private g]business sectors working side by side to have even more plans for the continued development of Pattaya City, Road infrastructure on Sukhamvit highway better City drainage system around Pattaya city, plans for the electric cables to be placed under ground, new Shopping centers like the latest one to open Terminal 21, amusement and theme Parks and entertainment complexes, hew highway connecting all the Thailand cities high speed rail links Pattaya’s own international airport what more can be said with all these new improvement’s to Pattaya the future is Pattaya and the demand for Pattaya properties for sale will carry on growing,



The trend is easy to see you only have to look at the standards that the new Pattaya condominium projects are being built to, one project even has a indoor Golf course Movie theater sports complex ETC, Pattaya house developments are the same standards are rising with private pool Villas on secure new Pattaya villages 3 bedroom house for sale with private pool for under 5,000,000 thb or you want a play boy Pattaya life style 700 sq meter penthouse condominium apartment for sale 30,000,000thb or a beach from private house 30,000,000 thb point I am making on the Pattaya real estate market there is something for everyone Budget Pattaya house for sale, Budget Pattaya condominium for sale, under a 1,000,000 THB for a central Pattaya condominium, these budget condos are out there on the Pattaya real estate market it is all about personal Taste. Real estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd (R.E.S.T Property) are a Pattaya property agent and always happy to assist people Buying a Pattaya House, Selling a Pattaya House, Buying a Pattaya condominium or a Pattaya apartment, Buying or selling Pattaya real estate is a simple process when you know what you are looking for after over 20 years’ experience in Pattaya real estate and Pattaya Tourism we do not know everything but that is a lot of knowledge which we are happy and obliging to share our experience with people, feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered question Pattaya real estate, Visa Questions, What visas are available, or just general Pattaya questions where to go what to do, best restaurants bars Nightlife ETC our advice is free with no strings or obligations,

Company motto costs nothing to be polite and courteous and helpful.

Real Estate Specialists Thailnd Co,. Ltd ( R.E.S.T Property) Buying selling or renting Pattaya property with over 20 years of Pattaya experience,

Barry J Hayles + 66 (0)899333583   Line Id 01barry30      Skype

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All information in this Blog is correct  as researched  and for general information only laws regulations and and rules do change over time, for any legal or property questions please contact  Pattaya property agent or for legal advice a reputable Pattaya  Lawyer or solicitor at the time of your esquire, Real Estate Specialists Thailand will recommend a reputable Lawyer or solicitor upon request.

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Pattaya Electric vehicles

Could this be the future for a green Pattaya Green Pattaya

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Environmentally  Friendly Pattaya

Interesting read from Thailand’s Nation newspaper regarding the use of Plastic in hotels, as a long-term resident of Pattaya I for one hope that Pattaya will follow suite with this idea, with so many new tourists flooding Pattaya especially from the Asian countries including China,

With all the large condominium projects being completed and transferred to new buyers the population of Pattaya is drastically increasing which is very good for the Pattaya Real Estate Market but the side effects will increase the use of plastic which is already a major problem and if not controlled with similar ideas like this one in Phuket will cause major environmental issues in the Future for Pattaya. The two photos below are take by myself  these two beach are under 20 minutes drive from Cental Pattaya sight to be seen beaches with no plasic waste or derbris of any kind, lets keep them this way and try to clean the beaches closer to Pattaya city to the same standard

b2ap3_thumbnail_20160919_104726.jpg b2ap3_thumbnail_2015-06-27_0937.png

I think the majority of Pattaya property owners Houses, villas or Condominiums would embrace a cleaner more environmentally friendly Pattaya, which will have a roll-on effect to encourage more tourists to visit this beautiful Pattaya city on the coast, Pattaya hotels, Real Estate and businesses will flourish, the local Thai people will have a better standard of living, all in all a green environmentally friendly Pattaya would benefit everyone in the area.  


The Nation News Paper  

All members of the Phuket Hotels Association have jointly committed to eliminate plastic water bottles and drinking straws from rooms by 2019 as part of an effort to ensure a sustainable future for Phuket, said association president Anthony Lark.

The association has also provided information to its hotel members about companies that provide alternatives to plastics for food storage, waste bags and guest amenities. 

Lark said the association aims to ensure a sustainable short-term and long-term tourism environment in Phuket by encouraging its member hotels to take action and adopt sustainable, none plastic solutions amenities and services to their guests.

“We’ve tracked the single use plastic in place at our hotels and provided the hotel owners and management with cost effective solutions to switch from plastics to sustainable alternatives. We’ve worked closely with the government and support the efforts of Thai schools and colleges to slowly but surely make changes. We will also be recognizing those hotels that make the most progress,” he added.

Lark said that the growing numbers of tourists on the island actually helps make the alternatives more economically viable. For instance, the change from using plastic water bottles to reusable glass actually saves the hotels money and this has been demonstrated at many of members’ hotels that have already made the switch.

Phuket Hotels Association recently announced a new annual international forum called PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism), which will hold its first event on the island in September to support the region's hospitality industry in its fight for a sustainable future. 

The PHIST Forum 2018 will take place on September 24th at the JW Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa and is coorganised by C9 Hotelworks and Greenview, respected consultants to the regional hospitality industry. The innovative ecofocused event will bring together some of Southeast Asia’s key tourism and hospitality stakeholders – particularly those operating in island destinations – to explore solutions to the region’s most pressing environmental issues.

“Island tourism in Southeast Asia is at a critical juncture; we simply cannot continue overlooking the impacts,” said Eric Ricaurte, founder and CEO of Greenview in an association media release trumpeting the event.

“Risks are real and sustainability must be the driving force behind future growth. But how do we change and adapt to the challenges we face, then catalyse solutions across the region? Education is the key and PHIST will create a forum for positive action.”

The PHIST program will feature a series of expert panels, themed talks, technical workshops and roundtable discussions covering topics such as sustainable operations, destination development, and overtourism. The event is expecting 500 delegates from around the Asia region. All the sessions will be free to attend.

Working together is essential for the industry’s longterm survival, said Bill Barnett, managing director of C9 Hotelworks.

“Environmental destruction is a crisis without borders and the hospitality industry needs to collaborate, find answers, and come up with a regional action plan,” he said. “We can literally use PHIST to fight for our sustainable survival.”

In line with the organisation’s solutions-oriented approach, the Phuket Hotels Association will use PHIST 2018 as an opportunity to showcase its “People. Planet. Phuket” campaign, which aims to educate local island communities and visitors about the importance of the Three Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

The campaign brings together over 70 member hotels in an education initiative targeting Phuket’s schools, designed to promote environmental protection and support. The community-based programme uses specially created anime characters, including “The Phist”, a school teacher-turned-superhero who fights and defeats polluting enemies like plastic straws, plastic bottles and oil waste in the ocean.

PHIST is supported by major tourism organisations, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Thailand Convention and Events Bureau (TCEB), and the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) and AustralianThai Chamber of Commerce (AUSTCHAM). Phuket Governor Norrapat Plodthong will open the event.

Lark added that one of the Phuket Hotels Association’s most important tasks is to create a forum for the hotel members to gain access to information on ways to reduce their use of plastics.

“This is, of course, a global issue and we all decided that we wanted Phuket to take the initiative to address these issues with education and actionable strategies that really make a difference. Every tropical island faces the same issues as Phuket and now is the time to start a serious effort to address this in Southeast Asia,” said Lark.

“When the other destinations see the efforts we make to bring together the community, we hope it will raise awareness throughout the region. The PHIST event has a strong regional message and we have already received a lot of interest from islands throughout the Asean bloc interested in the discussion and working towards real actionable solutions and instilling best sustainable practices.

“And yes, every small step we all take makes a difference for Phuket and benefits all those who visit our beautiful Island,” Lark concluded.


I hope you enjoyed this article and feel the need to change how we think regarding Plastic not only plastic but all none degradable products, if we visit the local Pattaya Makro super markets you do not get plastic carrier bags for your shopping Does this cause any shoppers any distress or hardship NO it does not we all manage very easily to get our shopping to our Pattaya house or Condominium even businesses without hardship.

As a Real Estate Company R.E.S.T based here in Jomtien Pattaya (Real Estate Specialists Thailand Co,. Ltd)   we believe that helping the environment of Pattaya will benefit us all, and as a Father I wish for a more environmental friendly Pattaya for my son to grow up in.

Always interested to interact with people on all aspects of Thailand and especially Pattaya we can never stop learning and talking discussing can be very educational and fun

If you are ever in the Pattaya area why not contact us call in for a coffee and a chat CLICK HERE

If you have any questions regarding Pattaya Real Estate buying a Condominium selling a condominium, buying a House Selling a House, Pattaya Environment, Thailand Laws, Thai Immigration or just planning a holiday and would like to know a bit more about Pattaya,  if we can ne of assistance please feel free to contact us

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